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What You Should Know About Ozone, Bend Oregon

Ozone is a potent lung irritant and exposure to elevated levels is a contributor to the exacerbation of lung disease; it is especially dangerous for persons with asthma and other chronic lung diseases, children and the elderly. American Lung Association (http://www.lungusa.org) The American Lung Association recently issued a health warning to American consumers regarding the […]

Ozone killing action against bacterial and fungal species; microbiological testing of a domestic ozone generator.

Abstract The action of ozone generated from a small domestic device was examined with a view to using it in clinical isolation units accommodating immuno suppressed patients. Over a six-hour period in an average size room the device did not generate sufficient ozone to suppress bacterial and fungal growth. A useful bactericidal action, against a […]

Ozone 101: Using Oxygen Molecules for Odor Removal

Ozone: noun \’ō,zōn\: a colorless gas with a pungent odor and powerful oxidizing properties, formed from oxygen by electrical discharges or ultraviolet light. It differs from normal oxygen (O2) in having three atoms in its molecule (O3). Ozone-101 In chemistry, we represent elements with letters (for example “O” stands for the element “oxygen”), and the […]